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Beoordeel 1:72 Dutch Noorduyn (North American) AT-16-ND Harvard IIB KLu Historic Flight

1:72 Dutch Noorduyn (North American) AT-16-ND Harvard IIB KLu Historic Flight

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1:72 Scale model, made by Hobby Master
Diecast Trading.
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Hobby Master 1/72 Air Power Series
Dutch Noorduyn (North American)
AT-16-ND Harvard IIB KLu Historic Flight
Die-cast metal.
Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up or down.
Minimum use of plastic.
Very collectable
This aircraft is known by many names depending on what country used them and/or the variant
These planes were fully aerobatic and could present the student pilot with some situations
where he learned to do things correctly or else. These planes were the stepping stones to the
more advanced Spitfires and Mustangs of this era. From the 1930s to the 1960s the Harvard
was not limited to just the training role. It was also used as a combat aircraft and became part of
almost every major power inventory. Like the Huey helicopter the Harvard had its own distinctive
sound caused by the propeller tips going supersonic.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation (Stichting Koninklijke Luchtmacht
Historische Vlucht - SKHV) was established in 1969 by a group of former KLu (Koninklijke
Luchtmacht - Royal Netherlands Air Force) and Royal Navy fighter pilots at Gilze-Rijen Air Base.
Since 1976 the SKHV goal has been to restore propeller-driven aircraft formerly used by the
Royal Netherlands Air Force to an airworthy condition.
In 1998 the former Gilze-Rijen Historical Flight Foundation and the Dutch Spitfire Flight merged
to form the Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flight Foundation.
On September 24th 2004 the integration of the Duke of Brabant Air Force (DBAF) and the SKHV
was announced. The SKHV has grown into a leading flying museum with a unique collection of
historical military propeller-driven aircraft.
Dutch Noorduyn (North American) AT-16-ND Harvard IIB c/n 14a-1444  B-71 is part of the
collection and is in flying condition. The aircraft frequently flies during air shows.


Powerplant- Supercharged Pratt & Whitney R-1340-S3H1 radial piston engine,
600 hp @ 2250 rpm
Maximum Speed  - 156 knots
Initial Climb Rate – 1,359 ft/minute
Range - 740 miles
Endurance - 8 hours
Service Ceiling – 22,000 ft
Fuel Consumption - 30 gallons/ hr @ 10,000 ft

Empty - 3,995 lbs
Maximum take-off – 5,750 lbs

Length – 8ft 11in  
Wing Span - 42ft  
Height - 9ft 9in